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Modern Masters – Old Art Made New with Madison Mahoney MAT ’21 – MECA&D CS Class Kit

With this dynamic instructional art video, students will be creating masterpiece artworks in no time! This video walks you through
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Anime Protagonists with Sean Dillon MAT ’21 – MECA&D CS Class Kit

Students will explore character creation in the anime style. MAT graduate Sean Dillon will teach you how the pros do
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Comic Illustration with Mattea Weinberg ’17, MAT ’18 – MECA&D CS Class Kit

Have you ever wanted to create a comic, but just did not know where to start? Then this MECA&D holiday
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Color Study Painting with Cooper Binette ’20, MAT ’21 – MECA&D CS Class Kit

In this course, you will follow step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful painting. MAT graduate Cooper Binette will show you
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