IMG_0059 - Arikah Lynne

Arikah Lynne ’22

I’m a current MECA junior majoring in printmaking with a large focus on stone lithography. My work pieces together childhood memories fogged by dissociation, but is also playful with subjects such as vermin and flora.

Arikah’s Art for Sale


“Dream Home” Linocut Print by Arikah Lynne ’22

4 layer linocut reduction print. 6×7.5 inches.

<3 Egg Card by Arikah Lynne ’22

These cards of handprinted heart shaped eggs are blank on the inside and come with an envelope. 5.5 x 4

Fishbone Cactus CMYK Print by Arikah Lynne ’22

6 x 5 inch CMYK screenprint of a photo of a fishbone cactus and lemonade.

Lover Relief Print by Arikah Lynne ’22

10×11 Linocut Reduction Print. These prints are AP’s/ “Tares” from the “Pressing Fortunes” print exchange. Based on the “Lovers” Tarot

Mama Fox Stone Lithograph and Silkscreen by Arikah Lynne ’22

5 Layer Screenprint with Lithograph Key. 11×12. In collaboration with Savannah Perico/ @scribblesbysavannah on instagram

Rainbow Handmade Paper by Arikah Lynne ’22

Handmade paper made from recycled rag paper and colored with gouache. Each pack comes with 8 sheets of 4×7 inch

Valentines Handmade Paper Pack by Arikah Lynne ’22

Handmade paper made from recycled rag papers and colored with gouache. Each set comes with four sheets, one of each