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Suzanne Anderson ’86 of Suzanne Anderson – Yikes Studio Enamels

I create a line of casual, contemporary and colorful enamel jewelry. My approach to jewelry creation is as an artist, not a conventional jeweler. I am primarily concerned with color and shape. This ultimately results in artistic, wearable jewelry. My shapes are hand cut from copper, enameled in a kiln with powdered glass and finished with argentium silver components. I work in a wooded lakeside studio in Maine surrounded by giant boulders, mosses, ferns and towering trees. It’s the perfect place to become immersed in creative work. Though nature is always a strong influence, I can be equally influenced by a compelling story, new music or fashion. As an artist I a working to stay open and receiving of influences that move my work in different directions and techniques.

Suzanne’s Art for Sale


Heart Earrings in Blue by Suzanne Anderson ’86

Elongated heart earrings done in blues and suspended from silver wire that has been darkened with a silver patina. One-of-a-kind

Heart Earrings in Reds by Suzanne Anderson ’86

These earrings are an artistic, elongated heart shape, suspended with silver wire. The patterns of colors are created with liquid

Heart Necklace by Suzanne Anderson ’86

Heart pendant necklace on a darkened sterling silver chain. Created with a scrafitto technique using liquid enamels and wet packing

Lil Heart Earrings by Suzanne Anderson ’86

Sweet little enameled heart earrings. These little cuties measure 1.25″ in length.

Metro Colorblock Earrings by Suzanne Anderson ’86

A fun, sophisticated and artistic colorblock look with an easy organic vibe. The earrings feature luminous copper and sterling silver